Monday, November 22, 2010

26 goals

I posted these as a stand alone page as well that you can find the link to on the right side of my blog but I thought I'd put them here too... these are my goals for this year:

26 Things to Do While I’m 26

1 Finish Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt
2 Do a full 90 days straight of p90x
3 Get a new tattoo
4 Read at least 20 books
5 Learn to make pie crust from scratch
6 Watch the 5th season of Bones
7 Find another favorite author
8 Learn how to appliqué (hand and machine)
9 Travel to a state I’ve never been to before
10 Complete a quilt to give as a gift
11 Write more poetry
12 Visit Yellowstone National Park
13 Move into a new house
14 Check this list often, and finish all goals before November 19, 2011
15 Go to a concert
16 Pay off all my credit card debt
17 Watch Mike and Molly and The Big Bang Theory on Thursdays
18 Read “Lucifer at the Starlite” by Kim Addonizio
19 Lose 20 pounds
20 Finally see The Lord of the Rings movies
21 See a play at the Bigfork place house
22 Keep up with my blogging
23 Make a handbag I’ll actually use
24 Take more pictures
25 Take a quilting class
26 Take a vacation to the Oregon coast


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