Wednesday, November 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So this week my hand has been giving me a lot of issues, so my hand sewing Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt has been put away for a few days.  That did give me the opportunity to work on my other project.  I have been making a simple log cabin block with a jelly roll I purchased.  I think a lot of people have used this "Fandango" fabric, I've seen it in lots of projects lately (some really cool ones too!). 

Initially, I really loved the idea of this quilt.  Then I sewed a few blocks, and I didn't love it any more.  Then after getting to this point, I'm starting to really like it again. I go back and forth.  The pattern I'm following doesn't have sashing, but I'm almost thinking these blocks need a white sashing of some sort.  Any one have any ideas?  

This week I got these blocks sewn, and a few more unsewn that I wasn't satisfied with so I feel like I made some progress, especially for the amount of pain I've been in.  I'd love any imput on this, if you hate it, tell me, if you love it, tell me... please!!  I can't decide how I feel and I know there is an option out there that will make me love it.  The fabrics are great, the pattern is simple... I just need those final details!


Megan said...

Looks great! I personally would go with the sashing in between the blocks. I just love the look of a fresh solid colored fabric in a quilt. I especially like the one you photographed it with!

Happy WiP Wednesday!

Annie said...

Thanks for your advice, I think you're right... a nice solid sashing usually really brings a quilt together nicely.

Lee said...

I love these blocks! Fandango is perfect for them. I do agree that you should add some sashing - maybe white or Kona Coal or Stone?

Thanks for joining wip wednesday! See you next time!

Annie said...

Thank you! Kona coal is a great suggestion, I hadn't thought of going that dark but that would really make the fandango pop.

PBJ Quilt Sandwiches said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fandango line and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the log cabin blocks you've pieced! I think they would look fabulous put together with or without sashing. However, if you opt for sashing, what about a very tiny (1.5 unfinished) strip so it almost would look like stain glass windows with a tiny cornerstone of that chocolate brown???!?!?

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