Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving!  I had some amazing food, and got to play an exciting game of trivial pursuit... which is always fun with my family.  

Me (brunette) with my little sister (blonde)

Yummy pies!!

Now that Thanksgiving is over I'll be able to get back into my projects.  I have until Dec 1st to get my birthday month discount at Glacier Quilts so I've been obsessing about finding my next project.  I have a gift card there, so I'd like to buy the fabric for my next project before the 1st so  I can get the most for my money.  I have all of my patterns from magazines in big binders, and dozens of patterns downloaded on my computer.   I've been looking through all of them over and over to find my next perfect project.  

I think I've finally decided on one, as long as my local quilt store has fabric that will work for it.  I got some amazing patterns over at for free to download.  I hope to get fabric to put together the "Glacier Moon" pattern.  I'm in love with a lot of the patterns available on this site.  

I'm not doing any 'Black Friday' shopping, so I'm hoping to get to the quilt stores on Saturday.  I'll make sure I post pictures of all the new fabric I get.  Brand new cuts of fabric are my favorite part of quilting!  


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