Monday, January 10, 2011

So much to talk about!

Hello everyone!!  I'm home at last :)  The 10 hour drive in the snow today was not very fun, but I'm glad to be home.  

I took this picture somewhere in eastern Montana.  The wind is so bad over there that the snow just blows across the road constantly.  It plays tricks on your eyes and such.  I have to say, I love living in a valley!  

So I got home to some wonderful stuff!!  

First: a fat quarter bundle of Journeys fabric by Kathy Davis.  I bought this for the Sugar Pop N Change quilt that was posted over at Moda Bake Shop.  

I have too much stuff to put away from my trip and things to open it all the way up right now, but when I do I'll definitely post some pictures.  I am pretty sure this is what I'll use for the Sliced Coins Quilt Along too.  Excited!!

And second: my prize for winning the give away over at Quilt Dad!  John sent this amazing, wonderful and super cute fabric covered journal along with some cuts of coordinating fabric.  If you haven't seen John's blog, please click the link and head over there, I promise you'll love it!  I'd like to thank John for this great give away.

I also had time to snap a picture of some of the other quilting things I got for Christmas.

I'm really looking forward to organizing all my notions!  Plus, that mini iron is really going to come in handy.  I also got a Fons and Porter design wall.

I think I'll save the rest for tomorrow.  I have to get caught up on the layer cake quilt along, so I'll be posting block #5 and hopefully block #6 soon!  



Susan said...

What a bounty you are come home with! What fun! :) The journal that you won from Quilt Dad is super cool - the 12 Days of Christmas Fabrics from Kate Spain are yummy!

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