Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WiP Wednesday 1-19-11

Another Wednesday already?!  Its been an interesting week for me.  I stopped drinking Coke, which is a much bigger deal if you know I usually drink 6-8 every day.  I know its not healthy and my boyfriend and I are talking about having a baby within a year - so I figured this was the perfect motivation.  Its day 3 today and I'm not as miserable as I thought I'd be :)  Now... on to quilting!

First this one:

I've been fighting my Fandango Cabins quilt all week.  I originally was following a pattern, then I realized my fabrics were just too busy for that pattern.  So I decided to add some simpler blocks like this one

I loved this block, so I made some more just like it to go with my log cabin blocks. 

I have 2 problems though... first I have no idea what the layout should be; second I'm completely out of the blue fabric, so I have to go with what I have.  (My local quilt store is out of it too and of course I wasn't smart enough to write down the name of the color off the bolt when I bought it.)

I have been playing with the layout a lot.
First sketching

Then on my design wall (I will add another coloumn and/or row so its 5x5 or even 5x6):

Layout 1

Layout 2

Layout 3

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, my camera has been malfunctioning lately.

So which layout do you like?  Yes, you!  I want/need opinions on this one!  Let me know please.  Or if you have a different idea entirely, I'd love to know that too!

I've also gotten some hexies basted this week

So thats it for me this week.  Happy hump day!


A.J. Dub. said...

This may be incredibly NOT helpful but I like the layout one and two both. I like the concept of 3 but just the right side.

I am DROOLING over your Fandango. I love these colors and these fabrics.

Candace said...

I hope this is helpful -- I like layout two with a small change. Moving the white square in the bottom row to the second column and moving one of the red squares to the fourth row and then moving the fourth row to the top. The white log cabins (and the red ones but not as much) are so eye catching that I think it may bring the quilt a little balance.

The log cabins are really quite beautiful. I adore Kate Spain's fabric lines.

Becky said...

Oh wow, I like those fandangos with the solids, great idea! Do you have a Kona card you could match the solid with to get more? That's the one bummer about solids. I wish the color were on the selvage. FWIW, I like LO 1 best.

Susan said...

Annie, I like two best and that fandango fabric is gorgeous. Even more important: congratulations for going off Coke! Not only are you doing your body a great service. (teeth included) but you are ensuring an even healthier baby in the future! Don't worry if you fall off I won't bug you but I hope you keep it up! :)

Mary said...

I like the way LO 1 looks now, but I think I would like LO 2 best if it was 5x5 or 5x6 - kind of like a controlled random - since there won't be any more white blocks. Sorry you ran out of blue, wish I could help! It is beautiful!

Diane said...

I like #2. Love that you added the blocks with solids. I think it breaks up the busy prints and looks great!

Kate said...

I like #1 - symmetry! And wow, Fandango is quite a busy line. Good for you for quitting Coke! I quit a couple times, but always fall back on the wagon a bit. I drank a huge Coke every day in my third trimester, and the Dude is totally...normal...

Lee said...

I really like layout 2! I like the randomness. Although I agree with Candace that the red blocks need to be a little more scattered. And with a random quilt like this, I think you want to stay away from square, so I would do a 5x6 layout and make sure to scatter the blocks with solids throughout.

Regardless of what you choose, I think it'll be fabulous! Sometimes "mistakes" like running out of fabric actually prove to be really good things, because they force you to go in new directions that you never would have thought of otherwise.

Thanks for linking up, have a great week!

Jessica said...

I'm loving layout 1! That fabric is gorgeous!!

Becky said...

I like 1. I must admit the fandango line has caught my eye too!

Leila said...

I like layout 2 - I like the randomness. I have been working on some blocks and have found I need to add in some solids too. The prints are great but sometimes they just blend into one another.

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